App recipe wouldn't show ADD button when there are more than eight input datasets

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I have attached the screenshot. Currently, as a workaround, I'm having to add less than eight datasets in the application designer, then add those datasets in the calling project recipe, save it and then increase the input dataset in the application project with the newly added dataset before the last old dataset in order, so that I can get the add button in the calling project for the newly added dataset.



  • JordanB
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    Hi @jvijayakumar2

    Thank you for writing in. I was able to reproduce this on my instance and I noticed that you can see a very slight blue line at the bottom of the page where the "Add" button would be. If you zoom out while you're on that page (inputs/outputs), the full button comes into view (please see attached image). You should be able to use the zoom function (ctrl - or command -) as a workaround for now and we will submit this to our engineering team for review.

    If you have any trouble with the workaround, please let us know.



  • apichery
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    Hi @jvijayakumar2

    Thanks for reporting the issue. Our engineering team has fixed it. Fix will be available in a forthcoming DSS release.

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