Ranjan Relan - High Traction Online Course on "How To Build your first Data Pipeline with Dataiku"

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Name: Ranjan Relan

Title: AI and Data Strategy Manager

Country: India

Awards Categories:

  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Most Extraordinary AI Maker

Business Challenge:

In 2020, demand for Data Scientist was increasing at an exponential space but the number of skilled professionals in Data Science were very few. Many had to go through the rigorous process of understanding the issue at hand and writing lot of code to a build data science pipeline.

I was primarily looking for a low-code/no-code AI platform which could be leveraged by many to quickly build data science pipelines. Since many organizations started using and exploring the DataIku platform, I also started leveraging it in 2020.

I was extremely excited to discover this low-code/no-code Enterprise AI platform - which had so many features such as amazing UX design, automated ML, visual recipes which are so easy to maintain and run Data Science pipelines, extensibility to Python and R, ability to do data demography analysis, and data engineering with a click few buttons. Looking at its product features, the DataIku platform came out as becoming more and more powerful in coming years.

Business Solution:

Based on the current industry trends in 2020, i.e. lack of Data Science skills, limited low-code/no-code AI platform, I thought there would surely be a course on DataIku.

Since I have already published courses on some of the major well known EdTech companies , I firmly believed based on AI and Data Market Landscape and with DataIku's gaining popularity, a course in DataIku would help the community a lot.

Hence, I created a course on coursera.org named "Build your first ML pipeline using DataIku", which was published in May/June 2021. Within just one year, this course has been taken by more than 2,400 users. Of the 5 courses I published last year in Coursera, the Dataiku course has been my fastest and most loved course in terms of users who have taken it and the rating it attained.

This course has also one of the most "completion rate" which also contributes to the ease of use of Dataiku platform. In this course, students learn how to build their first data science pipeline using easy-to-use features in Dataiku. It leverages COVID datasets and students understand how to leverage visual recipes to perform data transformation such as split data , aggregate data etc. as well as how to train and score model and spin up their first data pipeline in less than an hour.

Course data set based on COVID casesDataiku Flow created as part of the course

Value Generated:

This course has been taken by more than 2,400 students (course was launched last year in June), has 4.5 average rating and has completion ratio of 40% - which is very high in online learning world.

Value Brought by Dataiku:

DataIku has a great UX and as a low-code/no-code platform, it helps increase the team's efficiency, has an easy-to-use interface and high user adoption amongst citizen data scientist and ML Engineering community.

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