Visualizing Your LinkedIn Data - doesn't work? How can I visualize my complete LinkedIn network by i

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I wanted to ask: How can I visualize my complete LinkedIn network by industry?

I tried to apply this article but perhaps it is outdated?

I don’t have the option to select r_networks in the Default Scope section. I only have the following options:

– r_basicprofile– r_emailaddress– rw_company_admin– w_share

Does this mean we can’t download our network information anymore?

With Socilab only visualize 500 connections at a time because the artificial limit the Linkedin API has with 500 connections per day. Using Socilab they recommend to not surpass the API limit:

“Due to LinkedIn API throttles, we are limited in the number of contacts we can display in a day. We are able to display up to 450 to 500 contacts per user per day, where the precise limit depends on how densely connected your contacts are. Those with more than 500 contacts will see that the application draws contacts up to the limit in alphabetical order.” more on


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    Hello, You can ask this question to the Linkurious team and/or LinkedIn. As mentioned at the top of their article, there has been changes to the LinkedIn API which makes the post you mention deprecated. Unfortunately we cannot provide more help, as this topic is exterior to our company and product. Cheers, Alexandre
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