Reusable web hook configuration for Google Chat

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Hi there,

I am setting up scenario alerts to send notifications to Google Chat. I have one working example and it's doing what I want it to do. Now I need to set up this alerting on many scenarios, but I noticed I cannot setup a standard web hook integration in the way I can with Slack.

Is there any way I can create an alert template, rather then manually creating this web hook alert on each individual scenario?



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    Hi Ben,

    There is no visual way to reuse "templated webhooks" as of today, but you can programmatically retrieve your reporter settings and apply them to your target Scenarios using the Scenario API. In practice, it means that you would:

    • retrieve the settings of a Scenario already containing the webhook (see the raw_reporters property)
    • add those settings to the target Scenarios by editing their raw_reporters properties then save().

    Hope this helps!



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