How to read managed folders in a dev plugin

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I'm using a managed folder to hold a list of unstructured files a dev plugin needs to read in as input

path <- dkuManagedFolderPath("PATHWAYANALYSIS.Genesets")

When I use this dev plugin within the "PATHWAYANALYSIS" project, all is good. When I try and use it within another project I get messages like -

[2018/07/13-00:25:44.420] [null-out-37] [INFO] [dku.utils] - > path <- dkuManagedFolderPath("PATHWAYANALYSIS.Genesets")
[2018/07/13-00:25:44.442] [null-err-38] [INFO] [dku.utils] - Error in dku__check_api_error(resp, "Failed to get Box path") :
[2018/07/13-00:25:44.443] [null-err-38] [INFO] [dku.utils] - Failed to get Box path (HTTP code 500): Managed folder name not found: Genesets in PATHWAYANALYSIS

Can anyone think of a creative way to allow a plugin to read files from one project and run in another project?

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    Solved my own problem.

    The way to do it is to add another input to your plugin that accepts managed folders ("acceptsManagedFolder": true)

    Then read this input in your plugin and use it to get the path for the managed folders

    "inputRoles" : [
    "name": "genesets_input",
    "label": "Managed folder of genesets",
    "description": "The list of genesets to use in this analysis",
    "arity": "UNARY",
    "required": true,
    "acceptsDataset": false,
    "acceptsManagedFolder": true

    and then in your R recipe code

    genesets_input = dkuCustomRecipeInputNamesForRole("genesets_input")
    path <- dkuManagedFolderPath(genesets_input[1])

    Then share the managed folder with the project that needs it to run the plugin. As a bonus you see the managed folder being included in your flow graph.

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