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Hello ! I'm back with another question on the API ;)

Here the thing: I am building an entire project throw the python API. First I build the datasets:

new_dataset = new_project.create_dataset(dataset_name=dataset_name,
'connection': connection
,'path': "/" + dataset_name
,'hiveDatabase': connection
,u'hiveTableName': dataset_name
,u'metastoreSynchronizationEnabled': True

+ adding a schema from datasets in another project. Everything works fine here.

Then I build the recipes. Since the code is really long I won't post it here. But here the ideas:

I choose a name, and recipe type, then use the CodeRecipeCreator. Then I select some input(s) and output(s), and finally build the recipe ( ) . Last step I put some code in the definition and payload object.

Ok everything worked pretty fine! Python/R/Hive/Stack... recipes are working, put the data in the right dataset etc...

And then I tried some Spark Recipe (Pyspark/SparkR). The recipe seems okay, but when I try to run it in my project, I get the following error:

[Exec-61] [INFO] [dku.utils] - : org.apache.hadoop.mapred.FileAlreadyExistsException: 'Some_path_to_hdfs/dataset_name' already exists.

I just saw that it's not about the recipe type, but how do you write the output. If you write the pandas dataframe with dataiku.Dataset("dataset_name").write_with_schema(dataset_schema) the Spark recipe works. But instead if you're working with the Spark version:

ds_fac_output = dataiku.Dataset(dataset_output_name)

dkuspark.write_with_schema(ds_fac_output, spark_df)

So I looked into the parameters of the dataset/recipe, and I can't figure out why this isn't working. As far as I know, I am working in the 'erase' mode, not the 'append'. If I manually delete the directory containing the ORC dataset on HDFS, the recipe works, but only ONCE. If I run it again, I still get the same error.

Hoping I didn't omit anything! :)



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