Govern Node: Can sign off scenario be applied to models that are being deployed using bundles

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Hi Team,

I am exploring the Dataiku Govern Node and have been testing out the sign off scenario for models.

I observed that if a model is rejected in the Govern Node, it is still deployable to production node if created as bundles. The examples provided in the documentation are for models that are deployed through API deployer. Could you please help me out and let me know if this link between the Govern Node and the Deployer Node is applicable for models getting deployed through bundles as well? If so could you let me know what I am missing.


Krupa Damodaran



  • Clément_Stenac
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    We're happy to hear about more people using Govern Node!

    Blocking deployment based on sign-off status is indeed currently available for API Service deployment.

    Sign-off on bundles and associated project deployments on automation nodes is coming very soon, stay tuned!


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