Not authorized Your user profile does not allow you to write project content

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When I try to import a dataset on this project, I get a message "Not authorized Your user profile does not allow you to write project content", I have checked my user profile and found both data scientist and reader are active. Please assist.


  • VinceDS
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    The "reader" property in the profile field is what is preventing you from importing data, writing or editing recipes in a project. You need to check that you have a Data Scientist profile, and make sure you are in the correct group to create or edit a project.

  • jereze
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    Dataiku DSS users can be assigned one of the following 3 profiles (by default): READER, DATA ANALYST, DATA SCIENTIST.

    READER and DATA ANLAYST have some restricted actions (that you cannot modify). READER for example can not edit any project (even if they are in groups that allow project modifications).

    In addition to profiles, users belongs to groups. From the documentation: "On each project, you can configure an arbitrary number of groups who have access to this project. Adding permissions to projects is done in the Project Settings, in the Security section."

    So make sure that user has the DATA SCIENTIST (or DATA ANALYST) profile and belongs to a group that has the "Write project content" permission on the project.

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