The endemic difficulty of manipulating array on Dataiku

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I take time of these few moments of respite to write a post on this subject that many of my collaborators meet and whihch I have already confronted this problem with Dataiku's staff but which have only led to complex or very restrictive palliative solutions and very unfriendly for no-code user :

- Managing array variable.

It's a common type of variable in a lot of use case but when you are confronted to use this type in DSS it could be quickly tought to deal with it.

Let me explain :

- Much of formula "array" function never worked except for very basics things like "len" or get a sub-array element. (confirmed by my last point with DSS Tier2 Support)

- Most of the time : parsing array in a step doesnt work you > have to build one more step (for exemple, in python notebook ) for loads it in JSON or manipulate array's variable for any project.

- Most of time : when you have this type of variable as storage type in your ouput/input dataset with a meaning as a array type too, you are pretty sure every "no-code" step/recipe iterate on it in background as a string variable.

>screenshot is not representative but it is and example for this post



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    Hi @Grixis6
    please feel free to utilize the Product Ideas board. The Product Ideas board is here to let you share and exchange your ideas on how to improve Dataiku. Here are some resources to help get you started: Suggest an idea

    I hope this helps!

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