Unable to join 2 datasets

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Hi, I am going through Business Analyst quick start tutorial and I am unable to join 2 datasets. I have attached the screenshot.

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.23.05 AM.png

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    Generally, this error happens when your profile does not have permission to use the default cluster. Even if the recipe you are creating doesn't explicitly select the cluster, permission to use it is necessary for Dataiku to check which compute engines are viable.
    There are two potential solutions. The first option is to navigate to your project Settings > Cluster Selection menu and unselect the Use DSS global cluster settings option, then save.
    The second option is to get someone with access to the Admin > Clusters menu to grant usage rights to the specific group of users that you are a part of or select 'Usable by all' (see screenshot). Either option should allow you to continue on without issue.
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