Parsing date throwing error as invalid format

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I have a dataset which not have date column.

As part of my requirment i need to create new column in prepare recipe by using formula now() default to current date on particular column.

The formula returns standard date format with time stamp and the storage data type is showing as date.

Actually my requirment is to store the date in date format without timestamp.

But in screen it's showing values along with timestamp and storage type as date.

I have used prepare recipe to reformat the date by removing time stamp

The colum storage type is converted into string.

When I try to change the storage type and run the recipe which is going to store in hive database, it throwing an error failed to parse date invalid format.

How to reformat the date without type stamp and the storage type needs to be date and in final table it needs to store only date and datatype needs to be date



  • MikeG
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    Hi @SUSHIL

    I’m taking a look at this. Thanks for explaining your situation in detail.

    1. Can you send me a screenshot of the error and/or the logging included in hyperlink entitled `View job details` on the error you’re receiving.
    2. Can you send me DDL of the destination hive table? You should be able to collect this by using a show create table statement from beeline.

    Having this information will help me understand the problem a bit better.

    Thank you,

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    Dataiku treats dates as either a date with timestamp, or a string.

    Date without timestamp is not available.



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