[Python API] Code envs doc shows unexisting functions

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I am using Dataiku 9.0.5, Python 3.6

I'm trying to use the Python API to gather all the usages of a code env.

In the documentation there is a method named list_usage which should do the trick, but when I try to use it in a notebook via Dataiku, I get the following error message

AttributeError: 'DSSCodeEnv' object has no attribute 'list_usages'

Am I doing something wrong ?

I already check that the type of the object I'm calling the method with is correct and I checked the attributes of this object. It appears that the function I'm willing to use isn't the only one missing.

Can you provide me with a solution? Even if it's another way to do the trick

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Operating system used: Windows 10

Operating system used: Windows 10


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