Plugin Store Hands On missing "+ ADD INPUT" button in the Visual Join Recipe in V 10.0.5

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In the Plugin Store Course during the Hands-On Tutorial: Plugin Store Lesson we are asked to use the "+ADD INPUT" button that appears in the Visual Join Recipe.

"Now we just have to define the Join conditions.

  • On the Join step, click +Add Input.
  • Select income_per_tract_usa_copy as the “New input dataset” to be joined with the “Existing input dataset” merchant_census_tracts."

Unfortunately in my DSS V10.0.5 this + Add Input button does not exist.

Dss 10.0.5 visual Join Recipie missing the Add  Input Button

It was available to DSS V 9.0.5

DSS 9.0.5 has the requested + Add Input Buttom

If you find yourself in this place; there is a work around in V10.0.5.

Showing Alternate method to Add and input to the Visual Join Recipie

I don't know if this is a version 10.0.5 defect or "feature enhancement"/change or something odd about my installation.

Hope this helps someone along the way.



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