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I have built a Bokeh public webapp in dataiku that allows the user to modify an existing Dataset and save the changes he makes onto the original dataset.

To be sure of not having weird interactions with multiple users trying to modify the dataset at the same time, I would like to restrict the usage of the webapp to a single user at a time.

Is there a way to do that in Dataiku ? Alternatively, is there a way to know through python if there is already another user on the webapp, so I can lock access manually (for example, displaying a "Another user is using the app, try again later" message in place of the actual webapp ?).

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    I am not answering directly your question, but perhaps you should have a look at using Dataiku Applications, as these allow concurrent reuse of the a flow without interference. In practice, each user can have its own instance of the flow. More information here,

    I hope this helps.

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