December 2021 Community Release

Michael Grayson
Michael Grayson Administrator, Dataiker, Alpha Tester, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Community Team Posts: 295 Administrator

Welcome to the December Community Release! This month we will take a look at some of the changes and fixes implemented this month. It’s a little smaller than usual with a few of us off over the holiday season, but look forward to great things in 2022!

Kudo enhancements

Kudoing someone's post or reply is always a lovely gesture, appreciation fuels our community and Kudos are a great way to show yours!
To make it a bit more of a satisfying experience for you, we have added some animations to give your Kudos some extra kick!


While Kudos are great they don’t quite fit our ideations spaces Product Ideas and Community Feedback. Here you are not merely kudoing a post but voting for an idea - so we have updated our tooltips and graphics to represent that!


Reduced Motion

We love the various animations and moving components we have added to the community - but we know that they aren’t for everyone. For those users who have ‘prefer reduced motion’ set on their system, the Community page will now respect that!

Smaller screen enhancements

Our new sign up to take part banner was a touch large on some smaller screens, so we have implemented a new alternate version for such screens. Expect more tweaks in the coming months to optimize the community for smaller screens and mobile users!


Fixed this month:

  • Some edge cases caused copy-pasting to fail, no longer!
  • Notification delivery now better fits certain user subscription settings
  • The ‘load more’ function on activity feeds was missing out certain posts - this is now resolved
  • Various in-line reply functionality improvements and consistency enhancements
  • Top bar navigation issues resolved for partner users

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