Could not connect to DSS server

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Hi...I am getting below error while trying to connect to DSS. It was working fine earlier.

Could not connect to DSS server

Please ask your administrator to check if the DSS server backend is running.

Unknown error

HTTP code: 502, type: Gateway error

Kindly check and help!



  • Alex_Combessie
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    Something happened to the backend of DSS indeed. Can you send us the log file located in DATA_DIR/run/backend.log please? That will help us diagnose the cause of the backend error.

    Can you try to run the commands:

    DATA_DIR/bin/dss stop

    DATA_DIR/bin/dss start

    And see if you can access DSS through your browser again?


  • samir_madan
    samir_madan Registered Posts: 2 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi, restarting also does not helped. Since I am just evaluating it, there is hardly anything important to be recovered hence, have removed and reinstall the same and now it is working fine. Don't want to bother you with a 14mb log file debugging. Thanks for all the help and prompt reverts.
  • swaroop
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    Restart the DSS server by following commands::

    1) go to dss directory in the dss server ( cd dss )

    2) ./bin/dss stop

    3) ./bin/dss start

    now access the DSS UI from the host browser localhost:10000.

    If that does not work, Needs to wait for some 5-10 mins and hit the url again( since, the DSS server does take some time to settle down before accepting any connections from the port 10000).

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