Updating pandas on an Automation node

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Hi everyone,

What in the correct way to upgrade the pandas package on an Automation node?

In my design environment I used this dropdown to upgrade from a legacy version to 1.0:


However, this dropdown does not appear in my Automation environment, so what is the correct way to upgrade this core package? Should I just add it to my list of required packages as I do with non-core packages?

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    Hi @ben_p

    Automation node code envs are version-dependent from the bundles you activate. They are automatically updated based on the code env you had on the Design node.

    In other words, if you changed the code env on the Design node, you need to create a new bundle (so the new snapshot of the code env will be taken), push and activate this bundle on the Automation node. When done, you should see the updated version of Pandas.


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