Problem while starting Dataiku DSS Free version

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I am a student from a French IT Engineering School where one of a french employee did a presentation of Dataiku DSS enterprise with a free trial for Data Science classes.

But for now, I use the free edition with the OVA file for a personal Machine Learning Project in my own laptop but, unfortunately, I can't launch successfully the dataiku virtual machine because of Memory swapping I suppose.

When booting the VM on VMWare workstation or VirtualBox, it's impossible for me to pass through the dataiku starting screen which always lead to a failed status.

My laptop is a HP Pavillon with 8GB of RAM and an Intel I7-4500U core running on Windows 10 x64

I tried to reinstall virtualbox and vmware workstation after activating hardware virtualization on the BIOS menu, using the defalt parameters of the file or upgrade the allowed RAM up to 6GB but it's no use.

Could someone have some tips to fix this ?

Thank you in advance.


  • nuvitu
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    Could you please send me more detail? Your screen shot or log ?
  • antdbe
    antdbe Registered Posts: 2 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi nuvitu,

    Since january, I switched to another laptop with almost the same specs.

    So, I installed again virtualbox and then, I don't know why, but now the VM detected my virtualbox platform and it works, I can use dataiku DSS free edition without any problems.

    I used default specs as declared while opening the OVA file as before, I guess that it could be a problem with virtualbox path installation or something related to.

    For now, it's fixed but I don't have a clue about what was the root cause.

    Thanks again for answering.
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