September 2021 Community Release

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Welcome to the September release, with our work on user stories and user research, this month it’s all about you!

The Frontrunner Awards

Thank you to all of you who have participated in the first edition of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards!

We’ve been amazed by the number, quality, and variety of the use cases submitted — 45 to be exact. These are invaluable for fellow users and data practitioners to learn from, and collectively advance the field of data science and AI. So, thank you again!


Discover the 9 winners and 16 finalists who were recognized by jury members across 8 award categories!

Congratulations to them, and to all participants for powering peer-to-peer learning and more collective success in data science and AI.

Make sure to read all their pioneering use cases and success stories for further inspiration - and stay tuned as we’ll announce the next edition in mid 2022!

User Research Launch

Dataiku is happy to announce the official launch of our User Research Program.

With our User Research Program, we hope to increase our collaboration, engagement, and connection with our users. Through iterative user testing and exploratory interviews, we hope to build a long-term rapport with users like you.


In return, you will get exclusive sneak peeks of new Dataiku products, features, and functionalities. Your insights will directly impact how we design our product because we want our product to reflect our users, whoever and wherever they may be.

Sign up to be a part of the program today!

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