Is it possible to determine visibilityCondition based on plugin recipe input?

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I am creating a recipe plugin that has two possible inputs: 1. A dataframe from the DSS flow or 2. DSS Visual Model

If the input is a DSS Visual Model then I don't need any further input parameters but if it is the dataframe input I need the user to fill in 2 additional parameters.

Is it possible to leverage the visibilityCondition based on the plugin recipe input?


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    the form in the recipe settings isn't notified of the settings of the recipe itself, so you can't have a visibility condition based on what inputs are set. You could have visibility conditions on other parameters, so you could use DATASET-typed or SAVED_MODEL-typed parameters and base the condition on them, but then these datasets/saved models 1) wouldn't appear as inputs of the recipe in the flow and 2) you'd need to access them with ignore_flow=True in your recipe code.

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