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I Wonder What It Would Be Like to Live in a World Where It Was Always June

This month we’re in search of the most innovative projects on Dataiku DSS, previewing some upcoming events, catching up on some community highlights, and more!


Be Innovative, Be Recognized

Are you pushing the boundaries of Dataiku DSS even just for fun? Apply now in the (humoristically called) Alan Tuning category of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards. You have until June 30th to show off some of the innovative projects you have been working on in Dataiku DSS and be recognized for this special achievement. Submit Your Entry!

Need help getting started? Check out the Template Submission available to you on the awards page.

Save the Dates

  • June 24th - Geo Analytics with Dataiku - A Distribution Spatial Footprint Use Case (New York User Group): Join us on June 24th at 11:00 am ET to discover how you can perform geospatial analysis with Dataiku. Clemence Bic (Product Manager, Dataiku) will focus on a retail use case: understanding the spatial implantation of your distribution network.

  • July 7th - Introducing the Developer Learning Path | Dataiku Academy: The Dataiku Academy is excited to invite you to discover its latest learning path — Developer! Join us for a webinar on July 7th at 12:00 pm ET to learn all about this new learning path and how it empowers coders of any skill level to take full advantage of the coding features Dataiku has to offer.

Highlights from the Community

Dataiku x ALMA Observatory Challenge

We’re conducting a hands-on challenge in Dataiku to help ALMA, the world’s most complex astronomical observatory, automate quality tests performed on their observations. Learn More & Apply Here by June 21st to Collaborate With Fellow Users & Astronomy Experts!

Dataiku 9 Deep Dive - Design Robust, Transparent ML Models Faster: With the recent release of Dataiku 9, let's take a deeper look into some of the highlights of the latest release of Dataiku DSS. Catch Up Now!

Dataiku Academy
Ready to code with Dataiku DSS? Start the Developer Learning Path!

Community Top Contributors

This month we congratulate our top contributors from last month with the theme of graduation. Celebrate Our Contributors!

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