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May 2021 Community release

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Post with Confidence 

Sometimes it has not been as easy as it could have been to keep track of where you were posting, and how public the space you are in is. To resolve this we are introducing our new “Visibility Indicator” keeping you clearly informed.


                               MichaelG_0-1622554529019.png                                      MichaelG_1-1622554529018.png

This new feature has been added to make sure you can post with confidence, sure of who can and can’t see your posts! Of course most of you spend your time in the public areas, but for Neurons, Dataiku’s Partners, or even Dataikers themselves - we hope this will be helpful!


Getting Results

We have worked this month to enhance the metadata markup of all community topic pages to support the QAPage schema. As a result anyone searching for community content - particularly on mobile - can expect to get a richer carousel styled result of question and answers which you can see in the example screenshot. This helps all the great content being shared here in the community to be easier to be found and used productively! 


Running with the Frontrunners 

The Dataiku Frontrunner Awards are well under way, and we have been delighted to see submissions so far from within our Partner, Academic, and Neuron communities! 

It’s also been our pleasure to get some great feedback on the submission process. We have made enhancements inline with your suggestions and we have added additional feedback that makes it easier to spot missing or incomplete content when submitting your use case


Your Dataiku Profile 


Some of you may not know that you have an integrated ‘Dataiku profile’ page - linking your accounts on the Academy and Community. On this page you can view and update profile fields about you that aren't available elsewhere such as your Company, Country, and how you would describe your work profile . 


To help you more easily access this page, we have added this ‘Dataiku profile’ link to the community user menu shown here:

The profile itself is an area we intend to add to in future releases. If you want to be part of the conversation about what we add, the Community Feedback board - or the thread below this blog - are perfect places to get involved!