Dataiku 9 Deep Dive: Design Robust, Transparent ML Models Faster - Watch on Demand

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With the recent release of Dataiku 9, let's take a deeper look into some of the highlights of the latest release of Dataiku DSS. 

Also included is a clip of the Q&A discussion after the presentation demo.

Building robust and transparent predictive models is critical to trust and adoption from the business — but it’s notoriously time consuming to ensure models meet best practices standards, work on both "easy" and edge cases, and fulfill many other quality criteria. There are no shortcuts, as quality breaches in AI are what news headlines are made of. Dataiku 9 makes designing robust models faster, thanks to improvements and new capabilities throughout the model development lifecycle.

We take a deeper dive into Dataiku 9 with @ChristinaH  (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dataiku) as we explore the latest release of Dataiku DSS.

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