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Fernando Enobi



Live University

Live University was created 17 years ago, with the dream of transforming education. We believe that people should enjoy every step of their lives and that includes when they decide to study. We are crazy about our 5 schools focused on different areas: HR, Purchasing and Supply Chain, Market and Commercial Intelligence, Tax and Accounting, Data Science and IT.

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As a Professor teaching MBA classes in data science, I faced multiple challenges:

  • Students in more executive levels or from non-IT departments are struggling to implement the practical data science use cases.
  • Students were developing the use cases on their desktops, without any collaboration nor knowledge-sharing.
  • All the classes have business use cases that relate to a data science solution. Without Dataiku, students did not have sufficient time to develop these projects.
  • For me as a teacher, it was very hard to monitor and support students during the project execution.
  • There was no “real” production environment for data projects.
  • Students were always complaining about running Python codes on their notebooks and using Excel spreadsheets, which works fine for experimentation but not enough for bringing corporate value.


Our MBA program focuses on implementing real business cases in leading data solutions. We have many students in leadership positions who are building data-driven teams, organizations, and data stack strategies.

Dataiku came to our attention when we were searching the Gartner Magic Quadrant to select well positioned data solutions, and Dataiku has been named a leader two years running!

We were amazed at the first contact with the Dataiku team, who saw the importance of educating MBA students (also professionals in the Brazilian market) on new technologies to fast track data solutions implementation and adoption.


First thing, all the activities are prepared and organized on the platform, including use case scenarios, distribution of tasks, insights documentation.

Dataiku has a very fast learning curve. Students are very excited to use the platform and in the very first class, they already started planning capstone projects because of all the available resources.

The dynamic and interaction during the classes are now very critical to guarantee the quality of students' experimentation and learning.

Below is a screen shot with 5 students interacting in a use case about Industry 4.0: they were working on a use case for predicting preventive maintenance in an e-coating manufacturing plant, based on 2 data sets requiring non-supervised learning.


The use case was presented with little information to increase complexity and stimulate data investigation. The students were able to carry out the analysis using more concepts and models than originally covered in the original MBA module, which was made possible by Dataiku’s friendly visual environment and ability to connect with most current technologies. The students were therefore able to upskill and do a very complete diagnosis in a short time frame, leading to insights guiding business action plans.

In summary, the Dataiku platform increased the learning experience by a lot! I’ve not seen this kind of experience in other schools in Brazil yet.

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