how to run propensity model in DSS

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Hi, I am have a dataset where I need to run a propensity model to score. Can you advise how I can go about it? I am an absolute beginner


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  • tgb417
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    Welcome to the dataiku community.

    I think your first question is propensity to do what ______________ ?

    That is who are you looking toward the propensity to do what?

    For example what is the propensity of subscribers to renew?

  • CoreyS
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    Hi @sidstack and welcome to the community. Much to @tgb417 point, is this related to churn modeling? If it is there are a lot of resources we can share by searching on the community, or on the Dataiku Academy, Knowledge Base, and Documentation. So let us know when you have a chance!

  • sidstack
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    Hello, I am sorry for not being descriptive. So I would like to run a propensity model to identify customers with the propensity to sign up for a card. The target variable is binary to mark yes or no. My train dataset has the target variable and i have been provided a test set without that column.


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