Allow users to link local DSS accounts to Dataiku community and academy accounts

natejgardner Neuron, Registered, Neuron 2022, Neuron 2023 Posts: 151 Neuron

It would be cool to be able to pass a little bit of information between online Dataiku accounts and local DSS accounts. Some example benefits:

  • My Dataiku online profile could keep track of some metadata about my usage history, like how many datasets I've created or a global punchcard showing my activity over time.
  • This kind of history could be aggregated across multiple instances and organizations.
  • My local DSS activity feed could show me when users on my instance post in Dataiku community.
  • Teams could keep track of which team members have completed academy courses to improve engagement and onboarding. Course completions could be added to users' achievements along with community badges.
  • Users of local instances could become more aware of community resources.

Optimally, this would be separate from any organization specific hosted accounts so that there wouldn't be a need for users who use Dataiku at multiple organizations to need to register separate online accounts.

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  • Michael Grayson
    Michael Grayson Administrator, Dataiker, Alpha Tester, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Community Team Posts: 295 Administrator

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for the suggestion! It's something that is very much part of our aspirational long term thinking, and we are just at the beginning of our journey to add more online components, tie-ins, and connections. It's great to see your submission lining up so perfectly with the kind of things the team wishes we could do!

    Unfortunately currently the "on premise" nature of Dataiku instillations means that there isn't a great way for us to do this at the moment. This doesn't mean "no" - it means we don't see how to yet!

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