Update credentials directly from any screen where incorrect password errors can occur

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It'd be great if, upon receiving an authentication error, especially when creating a new dataset or trying to view a dataset, I could update my password directly from the dataset screen. Since my organization requires frequent password changes across many databases, I'm often running into this error message when creating a new dataset, and it breaks my flow when I need to switch to the connections screen and update passwords. I'd love to be able to just enter my new password as soon as I get the error so I don't lose my train of thought or have to re-enter a dataset configuration. In the attached screenshot, imagine if next to the retry button there were an "update credentials" button. Clicking it could pop up a modal window, allowing credentials to be updated and tested without ever leaving the page.

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    Thanks for your idea, @natejgardner
    . Your idea meets the criteria for submission, we'll reach out should we require more information.

    If you’re reading this post and think being able to update connection credentials from wherever you're getting an authentication error would be great to add to DSS, be sure to kudos the original post! Feel free to leave a comment in the discussion about how this capability would help you or your team.

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