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I would like to know more about the topic of configuring the GIT integration to use manual commits. However, the documentation section is empty,


Does anyone know about it?

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    Hello @emher

    I never noticed before that section was empty! I hope some dataiker notice this and can answer you with a specific solution for that problem.

    In terms of functionality, when you configure a project to use explicit commits (within a project go to "Settings" -> "Change management") you become responsible of committing any change to the project git. While all changes will be saved to the project, the git repository will not be aligned until you explicitly make the commit.

    So, when you change to "Explict" (manaul) commits, you will start to see "Commit" options in different places:



     When you click on it, you will get a pop up window where you must add now a message, and you can also review the differences.

    Hope this helps!


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