February 2021 Community Release

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Welcome to the second release of 2021! This month sees recognition enhancements, performance enhances, and solution ease of access changes.

Solution Visibility: Getting value out of others solutions is a key part of our Community mission here - and this month we have made this even easier for you. You will notice a new ‘Solved’ icon appearing next to the title of questions with accepted solutions.


We have also enhanced our thread logic to display Solutions as the first reply to each thread - helping you get to the answers you need faster.

Certification Badges Display

DSS Certifications earned on the Academy are a great accomplishment - and we want to help you show them off! To that end we have increased their visibility within your profiles, as shown:


We also used this opportunity to link out to the Academy from within users profile - so if you find yourself envious of others certification you can get right into earning your own!

Group Joining Enhancements

Groups [links out] are a great way to connect with fellow users of DSS, learn new skills, and experience inspiring use-cases. This month we have increased clarity about the group joining process and added prompts to log in to encourage users to join the groups that fit them.


Performance improvements

We have implemented performance enhancements around recommended articles loading and management of off-site links.

Fixes & Tweaks:

  • The layout of the Neurons page has been improved with more even handed recognition & an improvement to the formatting within Neuron’s profiles.
  • Issues resolved around featured links not properly directing users


Looking back:

How are the new keyboard shortcuts treating you? Have you been getting the most of the ease of use they bring?
As a refresher here are the new controls we added last month:

  • ‘Cursor left ← / right →’: Open Next / previous topic
  • ‘r’: Reply to root message (for replying to a reply the reply button next to a message needs to be used)
  • ‘s’: Subscribe / unsubscribe topic to follow updates and get notifications.
  • ‘backspace’: open board containing this topic.

Let us know any other actions that you feel would be helpful to be hot-keyed, we always love feedback!

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