paramsPythonSetup changes are not reflected after plugin update via zip

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When I update recipes and/or the paramsTemplate file and the update my plugin via zip file, all changes are reflected immediately.

However any changes done to the paramsPythonSetup file is not reflected at all without creating a new plugin.

How do I make the plugin reflect my paramsPythonSetup updates?


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  • fchataigner2
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    the code from paramsPythonSetup is used to start a Python process that your plugin setup code talks to through the DSS backend. This process is held in sessions, so they need to be reloaded or recreated to take changes to the Python code into account. Your options are :

    - waiting 5min (the sessions expire after this time)

    - depending on the plugin component you develop, reloading the setup page of the component may trigger the creation of a new session

    There are additionally 2 methods that work as of today, but may stop working without notice since they are purely debug options:

    - type the following in your browser bar and press enter

    javascript:angular.element("form[name='customConfigForm']").scope().uiInteraction.sessionId = null

    - use the debug shortcut (anywhere in the screen, except in a text field, obviously) : @ r c d

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