New Advanced Designer Learning Path Launched on Dataiku Academy

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The Dataiku Academy is excited to announce its latest learning path, Advanced Designer, focused on empowering users to create advanced data pipelines and leverage automation in Dataiku DSS.

The new learning path will take you to the next level of advanced data preparation, by enabling you to create advanced partitions, use variables and plugins, and much more!

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The Advanced Designer learning path includes six mandatory courses:

The certificate assessment is based on the mandatory courses, and having successfully obtained the Core Designer certification is a mandatory prerequisite for the Advanced Designer certification.

With this new release, we are also introducing some improvements to the user experience of the Dataiku Academy. We now allow users to access learning paths without prerequisites, and to skip lessons on a course if you are already sufficiently familiar with the concepts (the only prerequisites to complete a course is to pass the Course Checkpoint quiz).

We have also separated the certification courses from the learning path (however, completing the learning path is still a prerequisite).

Once you have completed the Advanced Designer certification, you will be able to share your accomplishments with others via a dedicated Community badge.

We hope you enjoy the new learning path and the user experience improvements to the Dataiku Academy! To find out more about the latest release, watch our new Academy webinar on demand now.

Get started on your journey to advanced data pipelines mastery in Dataiku DSS now!

If you have other questions about this learning path, or any other Dataiku Academy materials, please be sure to check out the Academy Discussion board or email for assistance.

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