Amazon AMI : what is the default password of the 'dataiku' user, and can I change this?

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I've got a DSS server spun up from the Amazon AMI. I need to install some R packages as the 'dataiku' user, but don't know the password. What is the default password for the 'dataiku' user? If I change this, will this effect my application, and if so, what in DSS's configuration would I need to update to reflect this change of password?

Update - Hey @jereze, thanks for your reply. I probably should have done as you suggested in your comment. However, I'd actually already gone ahead and changed the password for dataiku and installed the packages prior to posting, so was more wondering if this would have any ill effects, or how to revert back if needed?


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    You can find more at the bottom on this page:

    Administrative (command-line) access can be obtained through ssh ec2-user@INSTANCE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS using the SSH key which you specified to the EC2 launch instance wizard.

    So you login with ec2-user. Then run: sudo su - dataiku

    I hope that helps,


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