Importing dataset with Google Sheets API

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Hi Crew,

I'm trying to upload a new googlesheets dataset to an existing project on DSS. I followed the steps in the guidelines you share here ( but despite having completed them "Waiting for dataset to be configured" still appears where the dataset's preview is meant to show. And the "Test & Get Schema" button is disabled/shaded over.
Any idea what I might have missed/might be doing wrong please?

Ultimately, the only thing I haven't done when setting up the API relevant to my googlesheet, is set up an OAuth consent screen. Could that be it?

Thanks for your help & looking forward to figuring it out!


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    In the past, I've gotten the google plugin to work. The hardest thing I found in doing this was to get the entire google setup side of the connection setup.

    Are you getting any error messages in the logs when you try to make the connection?

    There is also some more documentation here.

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    Do you get an error when you click on the "test & get schema" button?

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