Getting time zone error when accessing certain Oracle tables

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Hi - I am wondering what the following error means when trying to run a select statement against an Oracle database connection for a particular table:

Could not initialize class

Within the connection we have an advanced JDBC property:

oracle.jdbc.timezoneAsRegion set to false

I can select from other tables so I am wondering if there is data that Dataiku is trying to auto-detect as a date or something is causing the error for the particular table.


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  • Ignacio_Toledo
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    Hi @aw30
    . Because of the kind of message, coming from Java, I looked for some info in google. Did you see this thread?

    One of the reasons behind this message is the use of the wrong JDK version (JRE instead of JDK). In principle, when you start with a clean system, I would expect dataiku to take care of installing the right Java runtime. But maybe there was a previous installation in the machine DSS is installed?

    Just something to check while someone with more experience answers to your question.

    Good luck!



  • aw30
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    Thank you Ignacio for the information above which was helpful!

    Our admin identified that there were patches installed by the server team but the dataiku instance had not been restarted.

    As an FYI these are the patches that were installed:


    Thanks again!

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