Extracting the geo point for the country/postal code combinations for UK, Canada, etc

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I'm trying to use the Geocode zipcode plugin from the Geography section in the Processors library, and it works relatively well with the country/postal code combinations for multiple countries, but I'm getting zero matches for the postal codes for the countries like the UK, Canada and other countries with the postal codes like "CM13 3BE". I tried removing that space, substituting it with a dash, etc, but nothing works--I have zero matching records for those whole countries. Would anyone know what format I should be using for that postal code so that the plugin works for those countries?



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    Plugin Zipcode Geocoding is only for city-level resolution, but the postcode of UK, and CA has two parts: outward code and inward code. For example: SW1W 0NY

    Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 17.43.52.png

    Maybe that caused your problem. So if you want to use this plugin, you need to only provide only the first part of the postcode. I have tried the postcode data from opendatasoft, it works well. Hope this will solve your problem!


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