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linear programming for schedule optimization

linear programming for schedule optimization

Is there anyone out there who is using a linear programming approach for scheduling; who would be willing to share some knowledge. 

I have about 1500 people to schedule into 8-10 events (shifts), with participant availability constraints, event capacity constraints, and possibly some other constraints I’m not yet aware of.

I’m looking for any help in kick starting this project.  

Operating system used: Linux

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Not sure if i can be of any help Tom, but i've subscribed anyhow. 

Addition : i stumbled upon some interesting articles in which scheduling with python is discussed.  

That last one mentions a package called PuLP, i'll be experimenting with that as soon as some spare time pops up. 

Potentially this project can use up huge amounts of computingtime when optimisation is stretched to it's limits... The guy doing timetabling at the school i worked took a big bite out of available resources when he was optimizing lessontables.