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What recipe should I use?

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What recipe should I use?

Hi all,

I am trying to build a new table using an data from an existing table. Can you please advise what kind of recipe should I use?

Existing Table

TypeGain Loss 


I am trying to build a new table, using the table above



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Hi @GSung,

Could you clarify a bit about what your use case is and what you're trying to achieve here? 🙂

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Hi EliasH,

I am trying to build a new table of data (the 2nd table in my original message) using an existing dataset (the first table in my original message). I was going to use the GROUP recipe initially but I realized in the new table I am trying to create, I am utilizing different columns (from the first table), so I didn't think the GROUP recipe is going to work.

I have colored coded the numbers between the 1st/2nd table, so that you can visualize what I am trying to achieve in my 2nd table

Hope this makes more sense 🙂



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