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Webapp use D3.js (Javascript) to load a dataset and show the console log

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Webapp use D3.js (Javascript) to load a dataset and show the console log


I want to bring my D3 visualization to Dataiku by creating a Webapp, but I don't know how to make the dataset to the array like local D3 library.

const data = {
A: "./A.csv",
B: "./B.csv",
const promises = [d3.csv(data.A), d3.csv(data.B)];


I want to know how I can do the same thing in Dataiku Webapp. I checked few articles and discussion, but none of them has exact match to my question. 

I even try the sample code:

    function(dataFrame) {
         console.log("dataset load succeed");
         // action on load success

 and I still don't know how it works. 


Another question is, how do I see the data in console.log() in Dataiku?

Thanks in advanced.

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Developer Advocate

Hi @timchen,

I am not sure to understand what does not work, or what you want to achieve.

Maybe this article ( could help you?

You will see the console.log messages in the console tab in your browser (developer tools of your browser).

I hope this helps


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