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Using tensorflow keras model for predictions in web app

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Using tensorflow keras model for predictions in web app


I have a tensorflow keras model in the HDF5 file stored in the managed folder. How to load it with the load_model tensorflow.keras.models function in the web app for predictions?

Thank you 

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Hi @akurmankulov ,
The recommended approach here would be to deploy a prediction endpoint with that model and call an API endpoint from the webapp 

If the model is not create in DSS you can import it as mlflow model :



Once done you can simply use the dataikuapi to call the endpoint

import dataikuapi

client = dataikuapi.APINodeClient("", "predict")

record_to_predict = {
    "categorical_feature1": "value1",
    "numerical_feature1": 42,
    "categorical_feature2": "value2"
prediction = client.predict_record("model-predict", record_to_predict)


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