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Using Parameter Set with custom form

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Using Parameter Set with custom form


I am creating recipe plugin with custom UI using Angular.js and HTML. I am trying to use parameter set which should be set at instance level when the recipe plugin is installed.


Here is that part of recipe.json

"params": [

"name": "test_preset",
"label": "test preset",
"type": "PRESET",
"parameterSetId": "my-test-preset",
"mandatory": true,
"visibilityCondition": "true"

"paramsPythonSetup": "",
"paramsTemplate" : "form.html",
"paramsModule" : "myplugin.module2",


When I use that plugin in DSS flow, I am not able to see Preset even visibilityCondition is true and even when I read the preset in then values are not coming that is set in preset

but when I comment below lines from recipe.json , then I can see preset and I can also read preset values.. 

//"paramsPythonSetup": "",
//"paramsTemplate" : "form.html",
//"paramsModule" : "myplugin.module2",

Can you please help if anything is missing? 



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