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User Impersonation with SQLExecutor2 in Web Apps

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User Impersonation with SQLExecutor2 in Web Apps


We've a couple use cases where we'd like to be able to execute SQL on behalf of another user on Dataiku who has embedded credentials (in this case snowflake oauth). I know we can get to general python API functionality with impersonation, but is it possible to also use SQLExecutor2 to run queries on connections as the impersonated user?

Operating system used: Ubuntu 18.04

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Hi @importthepandas,

You can run SQL statements while impersonating another user by using the DSSClient.sql_query() method.

Here's an example that runs a query to print all the rows in a table using another user's credentials:

import dataiku

client = dataiku.api_client()

# Impersonate another user
user = client.get_user("oauth-user")
client_as_user = user.get_client_as()

query = client_as_user.sql_query("SELECT * FROM MY_TABLE", connection="MY_SNOWFLAKE_CONNECTION")

for row in query.iter_rows():


I tested it with Snowflake OAuth, and can confirm that it works.



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thanks @ZachM this is beautiful.

I'm assuming this should work with WebappImpersonationContext as well given we can get a client handle with the impersonated user's ticket?

 referencing from docs here: 

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Hi @importthepandas,

Yes, it works with WebappImpersonationContext as well.

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