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Updating project setting (for bundle export) via rest api & python

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Updating project setting (for bundle export) via rest api & python

Hi guys, I am trying to include other datasets in the project bundle when creating a bundle using RESTapi with python. I understand that I would have to use requests.get from the endpoint: http://url/projects/project_key/settings/ and updating ['bundleExporterSettings']['exportOptions']['includedDatasetsData'].  This returns a list object.

Lets say that I want to include a dataset:

dataset = { 'name'  : 'sample_data.csv',
                       'type' :  "Filesystem" }

Should I append this to the list from the get call and do a put back to the same endpoint? If so, how should one include the body in a request call?

e.g.: response = requests.put(req_url, headers=auth )

Let me know if I'm not clear enough or if more information is needed.


Edit: Tried passing the appended dictionary back to the endpoint using PUT and received and error:
'message': 'Could not parse a APIProjectSettings from request body'

Is this only possible using the python client and not from requests?

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We recommend using the Python API client rather than the rest of API for operations like this as built-in helpers like will take of this for you.

You can find a full example here :

Is there a particular reason you need to use the REST API here?

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