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Unable to create programatically managed MySQL datasets

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Unable to create programatically managed MySQL datasets


How to create in DSS programatically the managed MySQL datasets?

Unfortunately the documentation for Creating a new SQL managed dataset seems to be outdated or it refers to some non existing methods:


builder = project.new_managed_dataset("mydatasetname")
dataset = builder.create()


returns an error:


AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-20-0ed36f389c96> in <module>
      9 except:
     10     # Create dataset (assuming exception was that dataset does not exist)
---> 11     builder = project.new_managed_dataset(dataset_name)
     12     builder.with_store_info(mysql_conn)
     13     dataset = builder.create()

AttributeError: 'DSSProject' object has no attribute 'new_managed_dataset'



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Level 2

I think I found an answer – the valid method name in DSS 8.0 is new_managed_dataset_creation_helper().

There was also a typo in the documentation example – in the following line the correct method name is with_store_into() instead of with_store_info()

Can someone correct the documentation, please?

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Hello Marek,
Thanks for raising the issue and taking the time to find the right method names.
I can confirm that new_managed_dataset_creation_helper() and with_store_into() are the right names. We will update the doc accordingly.

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