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Trouble with working using VMware.

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Trouble with working using VMware.

Hello Team,

I am actually working with latest version of DSS in my VMware using .ova file.

whenever I start my machine it always take too much time to login and start the DSS server and the backend, so it is unable to give GUI as well.

Please let me know how to TroubleShoot?

Thanks And Regards!

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Welcome to the Dataiku Community.

My copy of DSS takes up to 30 seconds to start, from an up and running OS.  I then connect to the dss web service via a web browser.  The URL for the web service may be dependant on the way you have the VM setup.

Because you are looking at problems with a VM.  You might want to take a look at these notes.

You might take a quick look at this documentation.

If you can provide some more specific error messages that might help the community to provide additional insights.