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Triggering scenario after another scenario

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Triggering scenario after another scenario


We are having an issue with the way we need to schedule our scenarios

We have 2 steps

step1 do some calculations

step2 trigger is set to run after step1 is finished successfully and publish the data


We had a problem with step1 so we disable step2 while we fix step1

We ran several times step1, we check the output, looks correct...

We enable step2 again expecting tomorrow's execution to run step1 and later step2 but step2 is triggered

I understand the trigger at step2 is probably just checking if step1 ran and not if step1 ran while i was enabled 

Is that the normal behaviour or should we have schedule it on a different way

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Hi @mklaber ,

Apologies but my understanding of your question is a little unclear. Are you currently running two different scenarios or are both these steps part of 1 scenario?

From my understanding of your question, step 2 had run when it wasn't expected to, is that correct? 

Depending on what you set the "Run this step" to be:

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 3.59.48 PM.png

What did you set the "Run is step" field to for step 2? Is step 2 only supposed to run if step 1 succeeds?
There isn't a check for a step in a disabled state, step 2 will run even if step 1 was disabled. 

Could you possibly share screenshots of your scenario steps and the settings you've applied so that I can better assist you?

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