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Time Based Scenario Question

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Time Based Scenario Question

I'm trying to set up a scenario that will run every 15 minutes starting on the hour of 7:00 and ending at 19:00 daily

I am not sure if I am missing the way to do it within the window

I currently have it with four 1-hour triggers that  starting today at 7:00, 7:15, 7:30 & 7:45 to have my 15 minute windows be neat. Unfortunately, this will go on indefinitely, which isn't bad, but isn't ideal either

Is there a way to add the stopping criteria?

1) I am using the 14 day free trial, which is how I am using the time-based triggers
2) I am using my windows machine, but my Dataiku instance is on my Ubuntu WSL 

Operating system used: Ubuntu, Windows (VM)

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None of the ready-made triggers has a stopping condition. The only trigger where that can be configured is the 'Custom trigger'. Unfortunately, that one cannot be used with the free trial. With that in mind the options are limited.

The easiest solution would be to manually turn off autotriggers for that Scenario at at 18:59, and then turn it on the next day at 6:59.

Another option would be to add a 'execute Python' step to the Scenario where its autotrigger gets turned off after 18:59. You'd still have to turn it back on manually the next day though.

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