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String dates to datetime format

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String dates to datetime format

Hello, is there a way to convert string dates to datetime format? For example Jan-18 to '01-2018'?

I know sql has TO_DATE( '10 Aug 2018', 'DD MON YYYY' )

But is there something similar available for dataiku?

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Hi @vho 

Yes, indeed. When you have your dataset on the flow, you can use a Prepare recipe. Inside of it, you'll be able to perform many transformations. One of them is the parsing of dates from string into a datetime. 

The system will suggest formats based on your sample data, but you can override, or add additional formats in case the column contains several.

Hope this helps!



You might want to look in the prepare recipe.  In particular, at the date parse step.  

This short training video will give you an overview. 




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