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SharePoint Online Connection

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SharePoint Online Connection


This is Aravind here. I have been using SharePoint server for all my manual/offline data loads into my Dataiku flows. Our organization is now migrating from SharePoint server to SharePoint online platform and due to this I am required to change my existing connections in my flow zones to use the SharePoint Online Plugin. I tried setting up a new dataset connection by specifying the site path/user credentials,  but it doesn't seem to work. I keep getting the below error: 

Browse failed: Failed to stat path '/' : <class 'requests.exceptions.ConnectionError'> : [Errno None] None: 'None'

Can someone help me on this please?




Operating system used: Windows 10

Operating system used: Windows 10

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Hi Aravind !

Looking at the screenshot, it seems you have 2 issues here:

- according to your email address, the MS authentication for you is "federated", which means you cannot use the plugin with username / password (see Option 1: Limitations on the plugin documentation). Instead, you need to set up either a SSO authentication (recommended option) or a site app token.

- the tenant box should only contain "standardcharteredbank"



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