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Scraping Pyspark jobs without input data sets

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Scraping Pyspark jobs without input data sets


I am currently creating PySpark jobs that do not have defined input data sets within my Pyspark notebooks. The tables are executed with spark sql within the actual notebook itself. I am wanting to see if there is a way to access all the tables executed within the spark sql across multiple projects. See screen shot below. The 'SELECT * FROM DB.TABLE' is where I am trying to grab the data sets being used. As you can see in the screen shot there is no inputs within the Pyspark notebook.


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Hi @zjacobs23 ,
In DSS you should ideally  add the required datasets as input to your recipe where possible if there are in other projects, then you should use the sharing dataset feature:

Once added you can read these as per steps described here :

If you want to execute Spark SQL you can use Spark SQL recipe: : 


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