Saving objects in Dataiku

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Saving objects in Dataiku


I want some help here. If I do some preprocessing on train data with code and save that object/model to be applied on test data, is there any way to do that? 

I want this object to be applied on future data. If there is any way to implement these objects in the pipeline so that it can be incorporated on test/future data?

I wish I could find some detailed video/documentation regarding these implementations in Dataiku and there is no quick response from the for the issues. I'm still waiting to get a response to my previous query.



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Hi @nitish. I'm not sure I can understand your questions, but taking into account your doubts and your other previous post, have you checked the material at I think that could help you to understand Dataiku's logic to deal with Machine Learning or AI projects. Also, the documentation at is pretty good.

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